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Go Ahead With WordPress Theme Installation In An Easy Way

Are you using WordPress for the first time? Worried about theme installation? There’s nothing to worry about with this CMS. WordPress theme installation is an extremely easy process just like the way WordPress plugin installation is. You can install a WordPress theme either from the dashboard or the FTP software. This article will guide you to both the ways of WordPress theme installation.

ThemeShopy is a great source of unique, responsive, feature-rich, and quality premium WordPress themes. When a first-time user installs a WP theme, he gets default WordPress themes such as Twenty Sixteen. The WordPress free themes directory offers the option to find out themes from the WordPress dashboard. Otherwise, you can download a .zip file for a theme and using any of the following two ways, directly upload it.

Complete guide to WordPress theme installation

Mostly, the theme marketplaces offer themes in .zip format. With the help of this theme format, you can directly install the WordPress theme from the dashboard. Take for instance – you want to install the .zip format WP theme on the WordPress blog you are hosting. For that, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. There, you need to navigate to the Appearance section, then Themes, and click on “Add new.”
add theme

Click the “Upload theme” option, browse and upload the WP theme file that you uploaded in .zip format.
upload theme

After clicking on “Install now” the theme will be installed successfully on your server.

wordpress theme activation

You can preview your website by clicking on Preview option. Usually, we see that the exact preview does not appear and throws an error.

WordPress Theme Installation using FTP

You can use the FTP method at times when you are not allowed by your server security to install a theme or plugins using the WordPress dashboard. When you are accompanied with an error at the time of theme installation from the dashboard, prefer this manual method of WordPress theme installation.

ftp theme install

To begin with FTP method, you will require an FTP software such as FileZilla or you should have an FTP access offered by the cPanel from the web panel. Furthermore, the software such as WinRAR will be required to unpack the .zip file. In the FTP method, the theme is removed and directly uploaded to the themes folder. You will find the WordPress theme folder in the WP-content folder in your WP directory.

Unpacking the WordPress theme

WordPress supports .zip file. You are required to unzip the theme folder. In case you don’t have any such folder installed, you’ll have to download WinRAR’s free version and install it. After installation, select unzip by right-clicking the .zip folder. After that, you need to login to your FTP manager and find out the themes folder and directly upload the unzipped folder there. Your theme is uploaded to your server finally. Now, you can preview the theme and activate it.

WordPress theme activation process

Theme activation
After you are done with theme installation from the dashboard or using FTP, you’re free to browse the installed themes from your WordPress dashboard. You need to navigate to “Appearance”, then “Themes”. A list of installed WordPress theme will be displayed on your blog. From there, you can activate whichever theme you want to.

WordPress Theme Uninstallation process

So, you came to understand the WordPress theme installation process. Now, you need to understand how to eliminate the unwanted WordPress themes. Just like WordPress theme installation, there are two methods for WordPress theme removal.

You need to navigate to Appearance > Themes, click on the delete option to remove the theme you want. We would recommend you not to directly delete your live WordPress theme. First, shift to any other theme, and then delete the theme you want to. Login to your FTP manager, and find out the wp-content, and proceed to delete the theme you want. We’d recommend you to use the dashboard method and get rid of unwanted themes. Note that if you are shifting from any WordPress theme with SEO features, remember to import and export it to your new WordPress theme. Also, there are many plugins available to import SEO settings from the existing WordPress theme.

Go ahead with WordPress theme installation and begin creating amazing websites. Try ThemeShopy themes to experience the best of WordPress.

Free WordPress Themes Are Not Worth Your Precious Time

Imagine that you turned on your system to go to your website and you see your site is nowhere. What a shocking moment it could be! The reason for this could be that your website is in trouble as it got hacked. In most cases, this happens with sites that are built on free WordPress themes. This is a fact that free stuff is not reliable and it applies to themes as well. Let’s get into depth and find out the reasons why Free WordPress themes are not at all the stuff to buy.

Encrypted codes in footer

While picking a free theme, you automatically agree on the terms set by the free theme developers. The developers are always likely to put their affiliate URLs in the footer of your WordPress website. If you want to remove these URLs, you’re likely to disregard the user agreement. In case you try to remove them out, nothing will come in your hand rather than broken links. Furthermore, you see that these links are not visible as they are hidden under the template color. To view them, you need to move your cursor over the footer. Additionally, these links redirect the users to false and malicious websites.

No theme updates and customer support

BB Moblie App Theme
Updated BB Mobile App Premium WordPress Theme

At times of difficulty with the themes, you won’t be able to receive customer support from where you purchased the theme. Customer support is never offered for free with free WordPress themes. Possibly, if the developer updates the free theme in future for advanced coding and errors, you won’t get any notification. Thus, there will be chances of your website being at risk. Theme updates are only offered in Premium WordPress themes.

No SEO options

BB Store Theme
SEO friendly BB Store Theme

Mostly, no inbuilt SEO options are provided in a free WordPress theme. The following things are essential for an SEO optimized theme –

  • Clean codes are helpful for search engines to understand your site the best.
  • Lightweight themes take less time to load.
  • Sites built on responsive themes grab more audience as the sites become visible on various devices.
  • Themes that are compatible with plugins raises the SEO of a website. However, free WordPress themes hardly support plugins.
  • Too much CSS and JS codes are not recommended in WordPress themes. Free WordPress themes contain a lot of JS and CSS codes.

Compatibility issues with plugins

There are many free WordPress themes that are not compatible with advanced plugins. This affects the SEO of the website and gives bad user experience. Such issues take place oftentimes because the free themes are hardly updated. WordPress plugins often support an updated theme.

Few Features

Premium Theme 
Premium Theme Features

In order to raise the performance and usability of websites, premium WordPress themes offer a variety of features. Free themes usually contain limited features. Thus, in comparison to Premium WordPress themes with advanced functionalities, free themes aren’t able to lead the competition.

An Insight Into Free WordPress Themes

All themes are coded differently and there are many free themes that are coded too good. Later on, the theme developers have turned such nice themes into paid themes. While working on WordPress blogs for a small duration of time, free themes could be considered if they do not have the above reasons. Furthermore, this would be easy for you if you’re able to find out the mistakes, poor codes, and errors in the theme.

If you are a person who does not want to take chances, buying Premium WordPress themes would be the best choice for you. Along with good theme support and theme updates, you get an amazingly designed blog. Moreover, WordPress blogs are a relatively easy source to earn money. Investing in Premium themes would prove out a fruitful investment for you. ThemeShopy brings for the following well-sorted out WordPress themes. Go through them and choose the one that best suits your business requirement.

  • BB Ecommerce Store Theme
  • BB App Theme
  • Wedding Bliss Theme

So, now you are well aware of the weak points of free WordPress themes. Take a wise decision while proceeding for your website taking into consideration all the plus points and minus points of WordPress theme.

Points To Remember Before Purchasing A WordPress Theme

While deciding to put up a website the most important thing to prefer is the choice of a WordPress theme. Being the owner of the site, it is pretty natural to get mesmerized by the different theme options. However, you need to pay proper attention to both free and paid themes to get a phenomenal theme for your site. Go through the following basic tips that will aid you in purchasing a WordPress theme for your specific niche.

Find out what your website needs

BB Store Theme
Ecommerce BB Store Theme

The online market is full of good WordPress stuff that covers a multitude of businesses. WordPress themes are enormously available for businesses such as eCommerce, education field, medical, tourism, portfolios, magazines, blogs, etc. So, to prevent yourself from getting into the mess, you need to be clear with the kind of WordPress website you want. Make your ideas clear about your business niche. Before purchasing a WordPress theme, look for the features, functionalities, advantages, and limitations of the theme. Compare different themes then select the one that best suits your business.

New or popular themes

New and Popular Themes

Usually, the new themes are loaded with ample of new features, functionalities, fresh elements, and design. But, there are chances of presence of bugs and errors in them. On the other hand, popular WordPress themes offer lesser bugs and are used by a number of people many times. So, it’s up to you which theme to choose out of new and popular ones.

Price of the theme

Generally, the free themes offer limited features and functionalities and no theme support. However, you can start with a free theme if it gets you all the features and functionalities that your site requires. And Google is always there to help you out in any sort of difficulty. On the other hand, if you opt premium WordPress themes, the probability to get the quality website increases. Premium themes are always good to have as they offer additional features, full theme support, and updates.

Simplistic theme design

People often get taken away by bright and colorful theme design that looks pretty eye-catching. No matter how attractive they are, they may prove out distracting for the visitors of your site. You should try to get a theme that has a simplistic design with responsive features. Aim to create a simple yet attractive and professional design which can bring a number of potential visitors to your site.

Theme Updates

BB Moblie App Theme
Updated BB Mobile App Theme

Themes that become old, do not support the latest WordPress versions. So, while buying a WordPress theme, you need to check whether the theme gets updated on a regular basis. See whether it was recently updated or not. Approach reliable theme sources such as ThemeShopy or marketplaces to get the best themes.

Fast loading theme

What matters a lot in getting huge traffic, superb user experience, top search engine rankings, and improved conversions is the loading speed of your site. Long loading website is likely to lose potential traffic that will indirectly affect your business productivity. Slow sites are ranked lesser on Google and also, its bounce rate increases. So, choose a theme carefully with complete attention to its loading time and lightweight.

Incorporated visual content

Pictures and visuals are always impressive that tells the big picture of what you want to convey in a single sight. Images and visual contents are much more effective than simple texts. Before purchasing a WordPress theme, consider the visual content it has and that it appears across the devices of all screen sizes.

Search engine optimized WordPress Theme

By default, WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. However, it’s not necessary that all the WordPress themes follow entire SEO practices. An SEO friendly theme with clean codes will take your website high on search engines. Also, it’d be great to see that the theme is compatible with well-known SEO plugins that are high-yielding for your website.

Easy to navigate website

Your website must have easy navigation such that it gives the required information to the visitors within several mouse clicks. Pick a theme that has responsive features, intuitive design, and easily navigable menus.

Compatible with multiple browsers

Commonly people surf websites over different browsers. So, it is a must for your website to be compatible with major web browsers. Thus, the users will find your site across the different browsers. So, when you purchase a WordPress theme, see the aspect of cross-browser compatibility. Check the different elements of the theme before making a purchase.

An entrance to social media

Social media integration

Social media is a great channel to accumulate a greater number of visitors and boost sales. Additionally, it facilitates you to keep in touch with your target audience. So, make sure that the WordPress theme you are interested to purchase, supports the functionality of different social media platforms.

Purchasing a WordPress theme becomes easy with ThemeShopy that offers a well-sorted out range of professional WordPress themes. Our themes will surely hit the ground and boost up sales for you by creating a phenomenal website in almost no time. We’ll aid you in getting the best of WordPress themes. Try our themes and see the result for yourself.

ThemeShopy Helps in Picking A WordPress Theme Effortlessly

Picking a WordPress theme for blogs is one of the thoughtful decisions for every blogger. Changing a blog theme frequently is not good from the business perspective and user experience. Furthermore, it consumes time to configure the theme while switching over it. If you’ve also experienced something like this, we’d advise you to be decisive and careful while picking a WordPress theme. Take your time and find out the best theme that goes well with your blog and its purpose.

Your blog’s design plays a significant role in spreading your name and giving good user experience. You might have seen many well-known WordPress sites and blogs give extreme consideration to their blog theme. There are ample of WordPress theme providers offering tonnes of choices for a WordPress theme. Some of the themes are free whereas others are paid. While picking a WordPress theme, besides its design and looks, consider other aspects too. Get to know theme upgrade, theme support, and other things. Below in this article, you will get some tips to pick the best theme for your blog.

Select a theme that suits your blog type

Picking a WordPress Theme
BB Wedding Theme for wedding websites

Consider the kind of blog you work on. If you work on poetry blog, search for poetry blog themes. If you have a spiritual blog, get spiritual blog theme. Thus, your search will become specific in a direction and you’ll come up with a theme that completely goes with your blog type. You’ll end up receiving tonnes of appreciation from your blog readers.

The first look always matters the most in creating an impression. Before going through the blog posts, the reader will first observe the theme on which your blog is built. So, you see how important it is to pick a theme that best fits your niche. You should choose a professional theme if you write blogs on technology, online money making, etc. Try a quirky theme if you work on a funny or personal blog. See that the theme colors are pleasing to the eyes.

Easily customizable theme


The WordPress theme you choose must have easily customizable options. The online market offers lots of customizable themes that can be easily modified as per your choices. The themes do not even make you dig hands into the coding part. You can play around the customizable theme even though you’re not much aware of its codes.

Easy navigation

There are themes available in multiple layouts, styles, with a number of sections, you need to choose a theme that offers easy navigation. Your blog readers should find your blog easily navigable, easy to subscribe, and should be able to easily get the articles they are interested in. Furthermore, a WordPress theme with easy navigation affects the bounce rate positively.

Useful Features

Premium Theme Features

The WordPress themes offer advanced features such as inbuilt plugins, SEO options, social media integration, mobile-friendliness, cross-browser compatibility, etc. Both free, as well as premium WordPress themes, support such features. You need to go through the features and get the corresponding theme for your blog.

SEO Options

SEO plays an important role in bringing your site to higher positions on search engines. Themes that have inbuilt SEO options are the must-haves for you. Such themes will help your site rise high and bring visitors to your blog. So, choose a theme with best SEO features.

Theme Support

Choose a theme provider that guarantees to offer theme support. See that the theme regularly gets updated in accordance with the latest versions of WordPress. Also, the theme should be able to support the latest features such as widgets of the updated WordPress version.


BB Store Theme
Mobile-friendly BB Store Theme

Do not make a purchase if the theme is not mobile-friendly. Mobile responsiveness ensures that the site appears flawless on devices of different screen sizes. So, you should not compromise on this feature of WordPress theme. Nevertheless, you’ll get all modern themes 100% responsive.

Picking a WordPress theme is no more a tough task with ThemeShopy. Here, you will get all unique, multipurpose, and mobile-friendly WordPress themes. All our themes are excellent for the purpose they are developed for. Get our themes and build splendid websites in almost no time.

Best Practices For WordPress Theme Performance Optimization

The success of every WordPress site largely depends on its performance. A website visitor always gets impressed by a fast loading and well-optimized website or blog. Such websites get better search engine rankings which ultimately results in increased web traffic. WordPress theme performance optimization can be improved using certain tips and best practices.

How can you improve your website’s performance?

For creating incredible websites, WordPress serves to be the most powerful cms. Naturally, being a giant platform, it is bloated with ample of features, and elements. A complex theme that is loaded with a multitude of stylesheets and scripts, it will affect the loading speed of your site for sure. Thus, performance issues will arise on your site which will negatively impact the user experience.

BB Ecommerce Store – SEO optimized theme

BB Store Theme
We’ve coded our BB Ecommerce Store theme taking into consideration all the SEO practices. All the codes and the structure of our theme is completely optimized, thus there will not be any issue regarding the performance. We have only inserted the necessary resources and used fewer essential files so as to make the theme lightweight. Thus, our theme has scored good figures in a number of speed checkers.

Measure the performance of your site

Website performance
Before beginning the optimization process, you have to check the performance of your site. Thus, you will come to know what actually is affecting the loading speed of your site. You can measure your website’s performance using lots of tools such as GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed. Such tools only provide the standardized suggestions regarding the speed of a website.

What are the factors affecting your website’s performance?

While working on a slow site, we’re usually more prone towards immediately contacting the theme provider so as to raise a complaint regarding the slow loading website. However, most of the times this is a wrong assumption that all that happens to your site is because of the theme it is built upon. Apart from the theme, there are many other factors that decide the performance of your site. The factors could be the hosting environment, WordPress plugins, and advertisements. Let’s talk about these factors –

WordPress Theme

It’s the WordPress theme that has the responsibility of showing the content in an appealing manner. The layout and styling of your WordPress website come from the WordPress theme. A WordPress theme with poor codes negatively affects your website’s performance. So, you need to select a properly optimized WordPress theme that will improve your site’s performance.


Hosting plays an important role in WordPress theme performance optimization. Though you may have a top class optimized theme, if it’s being handled by poor hosting, your website won’t be performing well. Choose reliable hosting plans based on the kind of website you are running.

WordPress plugins

Wordpress plugins
The plugins that you install will have third-party codes and to make them work properly, extra resources are required. Oftentimes, plugins are responsible for loading extra scripts and stylesheets on your WordPress website. This leads to increased HTTP requests and database. All this impacts the loading speed of your website. So, you should see that you are using only the limited necessary plugins and not a hoard of them.


Advertisements also affect the page load time. There may be some popups or ads from 3rd parties that reduces the performance of your site. So, approach reliable advertisers and don’t put too many ads on your website.

Use tools for analyzing website performance

There are many tools available to measure the performance of your website. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your site in the provided space on those tools and run them. It will give you a detailed report on how your website is performing.

Remove unwanted WordPress plugins

It is seen that there are many sites with a number of installed plugins that does the same task. So, such plugins are simply unnecessary clutter that needs to be removed. With ample of unwanted plugins, the site becomes bulky and difficult to manage. All this ends up on a slow website. It’s a fact that usually, the installed plugins adds up third-party codes, scripts, and extra files to your site. Thus, it deteriorates the performance of your website. So, remove unnecessary plugins and only keep those that you really need.

ThemeShopy Offers Easy WordPress Theme Performance Optimization

This article covered some of the ways to improve WordPress website performance with regards to its usability and load speed. And WordPress Theme performance optimization can be achieved by using clean, secure, and optimized WordPress theme. The themes at ThemeShopy are well optimized and are strong enough to improve business productivity by building great websites. So, take advantage of our skillfully built themes and make success in your business.