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It is a template file that works together to produce a graphical interface ( Site front end ). A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.
A child theme inherits functionality, features, and styles from its parent theme. The child theme is to offer a way to modify main/parent theme features or styles without altering the code of parent theme. In this way, you can always update your main theme without any worries regarding your customization and changes.
Yes we provide support via email: support@themeshopy.com and via our support forum. We provide support for all of our themes. We also offer FREE Installation of our themes on your WordPress and hosting with it's demo content.
Yes, you can definitely go for purchasing more than 1 theme. You need to contact us through the Contact Us section to know the discounts.
No, you won't need to pay again, buying a theme is the 1-time charge.
The images we have inserted on all of our themes are taken from pixabay.com free images. In any event, if you find that the images are copyrighted or belong to you, do report us, we’ll change those images with the new ones. As we are selling the themes not the images and they are just used for demo purposes. Either the copyrighted images needs to be purchased or the due credit should be given to it’s owner.
Yes, our themes have been licensed fully under the GNU General public license.
We are confident that this won’t be the case, but in the rare event that you are not satisfied with one of our products, you can contact us to resolve your issues. We don't have any refund policy as there is no way to return a digital product. But we are always here to resolve your issues.
Once the payment is successfully done, you’ll immediately receive a order confirmation mail with theme download link. If you use credit card or paypal balance to make payment, you’ll immediately receive the email. If you opt cheque, it takes three days for the cheque to clear, therefore you receive the email as well after three days.
The themes we offer well suits the users and also the developers. We’re giving single pricing option.
Yes. Theme documentation and tutorials are publicly available on our website of specific theme product page. You can also find it in theme customizer "Documentation & Support" Tab.
We provide theme support for one year from the purchase date of a theme.
Support is provided via support@themeshopy.com or via our support forums. Questions are generally answered within 24 hours. We answer all of your questions which is related to our themes, their usage and provide minor customization guidance. We cannot guarantee support for questions beyond the code of our themes, which includes plugins and extensive theme customization.
You can automatically get the demo content for the home page sections. But if you want all of the demo content (like all the pages, posttype type content) then you will need to contact us via support@themeshopy.com. We will send you the file which will installed by navigating to the Tools > Import section of your WordPress dashboard.
We don’t have a fixed schedule for releasing latest and new themes. As we believe in quality over quantity, and improving our existing themes is just as important to us as releasing new themes.
We love to hear ideas and suggestion from our customers on how we can improve our products to better suit their needs. Please contact us with any suggestion for improvements or new features.
When there is a new version of the theme is released, you can download it from your vw themes account order section by simply redownloading it. To updated the theme we suggest that you should use FTP or cpanel to access and replace the theme. You can check changelog.txt file to make sure theme is exactly updated or not. Once you upload the new updated theme all your configuration will be lost. Make sure to take backup of all the changes you made, as we will not be responsible for any date you have lost. One more thing that is more important is, if you have done some customization in parent theme then this data will also get lost once you update the theme. So we strongly suggest, not to make any kind of customization in parent theme. If you want something that is new and not present in the parent theme then you can use the child theme.

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