Imagine that you turned on your system to go to your website and you see your site is nowhere. What a shocking moment it could be! The reason for this could be that your website is in trouble as it got hacked. In most cases, this happens with sites that are built on free WordPress themes. This is a fact that free stuff is not reliable and it applies to themes as well. Let’s get into depth and find out the reasons why Free WordPress themes are not at all the stuff to buy.

Encrypted codes in footer

While picking a free theme, you automatically agree on the terms set by the free theme developers. The developers are always likely to put their affiliate URLs in the footer of your WordPress website. If you want to remove these URLs, you’re likely to disregard the user agreement. In case you try to remove them out, nothing will come in your hand rather than broken links. Furthermore, you see that these links are not visible as they are hidden under the template color. To view them, you need to move your cursor over the footer. Additionally, these links redirect the users to false and malicious websites.

No theme updates and customer support

BB Moblie App Theme
Updated BB Mobile App Premium WordPress Theme

At times of difficulty with the themes, you won’t be able to receive customer support from where you purchased the theme. Customer support is never offered for free with free WordPress themes. Possibly, if the developer updates the free theme in future for advanced coding and errors, you won’t get any notification. Thus, there will be chances of your website being at risk. Theme updates are only offered in Premium WordPress themes.

No SEO options

BB Store Theme
SEO friendly BB Store Theme

Mostly, no inbuilt SEO options are provided in a free WordPress theme. The following things are essential for an SEO optimized theme –

  • Clean codes are helpful for search engines to understand your site the best.
  • Lightweight themes take less time to load.
  • Sites built on responsive themes grab more audience as the sites become visible on various devices.
  • Themes that are compatible with plugins raises the SEO of a website. However, free WordPress themes hardly support plugins.
  • Too much CSS and JS codes are not recommended in WordPress themes. Free WordPress themes contain a lot of JS and CSS codes.

Compatibility issues with plugins

There are many free WordPress themes that are not compatible with advanced plugins. This affects the SEO of the website and gives bad user experience. Such issues take place oftentimes because the free themes are hardly updated. WordPress plugins often support an updated theme.

Few Features

Premium Theme 
Premium Theme Features

In order to raise the performance and usability of websites, premium WordPress themes offer a variety of features. Free themes usually contain limited features. Thus, in comparison to Premium WordPress themes with advanced functionalities, free themes aren’t able to lead the competition.

An Insight Into Free WordPress Themes

All themes are coded differently and there are many free themes that are coded too good. Later on, the theme developers have turned such nice themes into paid themes. While working on WordPress blogs for a small duration of time, free themes could be considered if they do not have the above reasons. Furthermore, this would be easy for you if you’re able to find out the mistakes, poor codes, and errors in the theme.

If you are a person who does not want to take chances, buying Premium WordPress themes would be the best choice for you. Along with good theme support and theme updates, you get an amazingly designed blog. Moreover, WordPress blogs are a relatively easy source to earn money. Investing in Premium themes would prove out a fruitful investment for you. ThemeShopy brings for the following well-sorted out WordPress themes. Go through them and choose the one that best suits your business requirement.

  • BB Ecommerce Store Theme
  • BB App Theme
  • Wedding Bliss Theme

So, now you are well aware of the weak points of free WordPress themes. Take a wise decision while proceeding for your website taking into consideration all the plus points and minus points of WordPress theme.

Free WordPress theme though attracts you, but they come up with a lot of issues. Undoubtedly, you get these themes for free but they show compatibility issues and other problems. Most importantly, they are not reliable. Free themes don’t provide SEO options, are liable to have errors and poor code. Hence, it is always advised to go for premium themes. You may have to spend a bit, but premium themes assure you top quality. In this WP Theme Bundle, you will get all top-class WordPress themes.