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must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

It can be frightening to launch an online store. To increase conversions and maintain client relationships, businesses may want additional tools in addition to basic e-commerce features like a shopping cart and payment gateways. Selecting the very best must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce, be challenging.

We’ve numbered them as follows to spare you the trouble: Our selections are all premium plugins that can be used in any part of your company. Some will help your goods plans, some will help your sales, and yet others will improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. The user experience (UX) of your website may be additionally enhanced by us.

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce Store

For every WordPress-built website to have the essential selling and processing of payments features, it must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce. These are the best WordPress ecommerce plugins, to put it simply. These are the people being considered.

1. WooCommerce:

The most suitable must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce is WooCommerce. Indeed, it powers more than 25% of every online shop globally, and it’s essential to the functioning of several other WordPress ecommerce plugins on our list, such as Advanced Coupons and Booster for WooCommerce. With all the functions needed by any online business, it will assist in the process of transforming your WordPress website into a fully functioning store.

For example, WooCommerce lets you integrate safe payment processors, set up shipping methods, and bundle products. Download our WooCommerce tutorials and WooCommerce 101 guide to find out more about this strong platform.

Price: The fundamental plugin is available for free. To add more features, users can buy premium addons.

2. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD):

must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

If you plan to offer no tangible products, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) could be a great WooCommerce substitute. This must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce capabilities, which simplifies your digital-only sales.

You can create a shopping cart, maintain records of your customers, provide discounts, and more using EDD. It also lets you control how many product downloads there are and manage file access. Check out the instructional video to find out how to use this plugin for sales.

Price: A trial version for free is available. Each year, premium plans begin at $99.50.

An excellent method to nurture leads, increase sales, get abandoned carts back, and more is through email marketing. You can manage your marketing efforts and get customer addresses with the help of these plugins.

3. OptinMonster:

optinmonster-must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

A crucial instrument for increasing conversions and expanding your subscriber base is OptinMonster. Its gorgeous opt-in forms, customized message, and popup themes enable you to create more leads. Additionally, users may use page-level retargeting to lead visitors to specific areas of your website.

Price: The plan is not free. Every year, insurance premiums begin at $108.

4. Thrive Leads:

thrive leads- must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

Thrive Leads is an additional tool for expanding your mailing list. With a drag-and-drop builder, it can assist users in creating powerful opt-in forms, just like OptinMonster. One may also use it to perform A/B testing and target your products and services at particular user groups. It also gives users access to extensive data and statistics.

Cost: The plan is not free. Annually, insurance rates begin at $97.

5. HubSpot:

hubspot- must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

A free client relationship management (CRM) tool is available from HubSpot. Thanks to features like interactive chat, pop ups, and forms, it assists you in converting site visitors into leads and nurturing them into devoted customers. Additionally, it provides you with a variety of pre-made newsletter and wp theme bundle and allows you to track your campaigns using dashboard statistics that are integrated. Given that all of those features are completely free, this is unquestionably one of the greatest must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce accessible to e-commerce sites on limited funds.

Cost: Free.

6. MailPoet:

mailpoet- must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

A different approach-free plugin that will help you expand your mailing list is MailPoet. It lets you manage the people who sign up and make a newsletter sign-up form right from the dashboard of your must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce. Additionally, you can create response and transactional emails and automate your email advertising campaigns to follow up with customers who abandoned their shopping baskets and upsell clients who recently purchased a certain item.

Cost: A free plan is available that allows for up to 1,000 members and 5,000 email blasts each month. Limitless email messages each month are one of the additional amenities offered by premium subscriptions, which start at $84 annually.

It takes great ability to guide clients through the buyer’s journey. Some of you can increase conversions and improve your sales funnel with the help of these plugins.

7. WooCommerce Checkout & Funnel Builder by CartFlows:

woocommerce- must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

One of the greatest must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce for raising your conversion rate is Cart Flows. It achieves this by outlining the sales funnel for your website. For your Thank Anyone and Upsell pages, you get already-constructed templates that you can edit using the Block Editor and any other page builder of your choice. Additionally, you could send out automatic emails to clients who dropped their carts and expedite your checkout process.

Price: A trial version for free is available. Annually, premium plans begin at $65.

8. Advanced Coupons:

advance coupons- must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

A great addition to WooCommerce is Advanced Coupons. You can use it to make multiple types of offers, like BOGO (buy a single one, get one) discounts. Discounts can also be applied to specific products as well as entire categories. Also, you can limit access to particular user categories to safeguard your vouchers against inadvertent use.

Price: A free version is available. Annually, premium packages begin at $59.50.

9. One-Click Upsell Funnel:

must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

Upsell with one click Post-purchase offers are the main focus of Funnel. It lets you differentiate your offers when you are purchasing a WordPress themes, give upgrades to current sales, and create a limitless number of funnels. Without understanding any code, you may even completely alter offer pages while testing them in experimental mode. You can also use Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track your funnel statistics.

Cost: A free version is available. Use of the premium plan on a maximum of one site is available for $69 per year. The more advanced plans are more expensive because they let you use the plugin on a number of different websites.

Having an effortless experience for users is essential to turning visitors into paying clients. These plugins will help you improve performance, product speeches, and other areas.

10. Slider by Soliloquy:

must have wordpress plugins for ecommerce

Anyone can design a visually appealing display for your store with the help of Soliloquy. It lets you apply dynamic transitional effects to carousels or responsive sliders, for example. Additionally, a variety of pre-made templates are available for you to select from, alter using a drag-and-drop editor, and display your goods in lightbox mode. Additionally, users can make their presentations shoppable by importing their Instagram feed.

Cost: A free version is accessible. Annually, premium plans begin at $17.


  • What e-commerce plugins does WordPress offer?

WordPress has a number of e-commerce-focused plugins that can help you sell goods on your website when you want to build an online store. WooCommerce is among the most widely used e-commerce plugins for WordPress. With WooCommerce, companies can design attractive storefronts.

  • What are plugins for e-commerce?

The eCommerce plugin allows for services like product catalogs, purchasing carts, processing payments, shipping and tax calculation, handling clients, and order tracking to be integrated with the WordPress website.


To maintain client relationships and improve conversions, businesses need to invest in the top must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce. A company may utilize these paid plugins for email marketing, user interface (UX), sales, and product planning, among other areas.

The best must have WordPress plugins for ecommerce is WooCommerce, and it powers more than 25% of online stores worldwide. It makes it possible to integrate options for delivery, bundle products, and secure payment processors. If you need to include sales that are exclusively digital but don’t sell physical products, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a fantastic substitute. Among the functions offered by EDD are discounts, customer data leadership, shopping cart creation, and more. Also all of these plugins are compatible with all of the themes in WP Theme Bundle on Themeshopy.

Another important technique for nurturing leads, increasing revenue, and recovering abandoned shopping carts is email marketing. OptinMonster opt-in forms, personalized messages, and popup styles make it an indispensable tool for growing subscriber bases and boosting conversions. Another tool for building mailing lists is Thrive Leads, which provides an extensive amount of information and statistics. HubSpot is a free CRM application that assists in converting website visitors into leads and cultivating them into devoted patrons. Another free plugin that lets users build transactions, reply to emails, and automate marketing efforts is called MailPoet.

Plugins such as CartFlows, Advanced Coupons, the One-Click Upsell Funnel, Soliloquy, and numerous others can help improve sales funnels, which are crucial for assisting customers along the buyer’s journey. CartFlows lets you create gratitude and upsell pages, automate emails to consumers that leave their carts, and define the sales funnel. Different kinds of offers can be constructed with advanced coupons, whereas Funnel is more focused on upselling with single-click post-purchase offers.

UX plugins are crucial in improving product displays, performance, and other aspects of a business. With Soliloquy, users can build eye-catching displays, utilize predefined templates, and add dynamic transition effects. Moreover these plugins help your Premium WordPress themes give a elegant look .

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